• 3 Fan Speeds
  • Soft Touch Controls
  • Non-Branded Design
Colour: Stainless Steel
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Product Overview

The TH902SS is a very handsome hood because although it carries all the features of the smaller 60cm model, the extra impact and presence of this 90cm version makes a real statement.

From the digital touch control of the 3 motor speeds, height adjusting chimney, easy clean aluminium grease filter to a very capable high capacity air handling ability of 643m3, this hood is a brilliant choice for any home.

Smart stainless steel construction and an attractive rectangular design mean our Altimo T-Line hoods deliver on form and function. The Altimo T model hoods are not just a step up in look but also operation.

TIP: Extracting air through ducting does not require use of a charcoal filter. Optional charcoal filters are used to help remove cooking odours from the air before it is recycled back into the kitchen.


3 Fan Speeds - Maximum 643m3 Extraction
900mm Width
643m3 Extraction Rate
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Type: T-Line Hood
Width: 900mm
Speeds: 3 Speed
Control type: Soft Touch
Extraction rate: 643m3
Illumination: 2 x lamp (spot 6w LED)
Installation Height - Electric Hob: 65cm minimum
Installation Height - Gas Hob: 75cm miminum
Installation Template: Supplied
Cable termination: 13a UK plug
Cable length: 200cm
Fluid Dynamic Efficience (FDE): 31.3
Fluid Dynamic Efficience Class (FDE): A
Light Efficiency (LE): 44
Light Efficiency Class (LE): A
Grease Filtering Efficiency (GFE): 84.1
Grease Filtering Efficiency Class (GFE): C
Energy Efficiancy Class (EEI): A
Duct or Recycle Compatible: Yes
Duct: Ready from factory
Duct Outlet Diameter: 150mm round (125mm adaptor supplied)
Charcoal Filter (optional): Altimo CF005
Quantity Needed Per Change: 1 required (1 supplied)
Voltage: AC220-240v 50hz
Motor Power: 210w
Lamp Power: 2 x 3w
Total Power: 216w
Annual Energy Consumption (AEC) (kWh/a): 48.2
Minimum Air Flow in normal use (m3/h): 264
Maximum Air Flow in normal use (m3/h): 647
Sound Level at Minimum Speed (dB): 47
Sound Level at Maximum Speed (dB): 67
Power Consumption in off mode (w): 0.4