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What guarantee does my product come with?

Guarantee Details (UK only)


Your appliance has the benefit of a comprehensive manufacturer’s guarantee which covers the cost repair due to mechanical or electrical breakdown.


Any claim during the period of the guarantee must be accompanied by proof of purchase.


The appliance must be correctly installed and operated in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.


Your appliance is intended for normal domestic use and not for commercial operations.


This guarantee does not cover cosmetic issues with the appliance or failures caused by accidental damage, misuse or alternations which are likely to affect the appliance.


The guarantee is invalid if the product is tampered with or repaired by any unauthorised person.


What to do if you need to report a problem:

1. Please ensure you have ready:

  • The product model and serial number
  • Your full contact details

2. Call the specialist Service Line for your product::

  • Televisions 0330 041 7490
  • Cookers 0330 024 5648
  • Ovens 0330 024 5648
  • Microwave ovens 0330 041 7490
  • Hoods 0330 041 7490

This guarantee in no way affects your statutory or legal rights.

Any information provided to us for the purposes of product support is subject to our privacy policy, which can be accessed here.

I’ve just received my product – what should I do first?

Thank you for joining the Altimo family. It’s really important to us that you get the maximum enjoyment from your new appliance with less of the stress and we can’t wait to help get you started!

  • Check over your new appliance. If it has not arrived in good condition, please contact your supplier or talk to our customer care team before use.
  • Locate your instruction manual. Misplaced it? Enter the model number here to download a fresh copy.
  • Follow the installation and set-up guidelines explained in the manual. For your safety, please ensure that the installation is carried out by either a professional or someone competent in that task.
  • Do you have a question that isn’t explained in the manual? Please get in touch with our customer care team who will be more than happy to help with any issues you may come across.
My new product is damaged

We are sorry to hear this as we take every precaution to make sure products arrive in good condition. Please take some photographs to show us any damage then contact Altimo Customer Care during business hours who will do everything they can to rectify this issue. Please do not use a damaged item as it could be dangerous.

My new product is the wrong colour

If you have ordered the wrong colour, please contact your supplier who will be able to assist further. The colour should be clearly shown on the packaging (W – white, S – silver, B – black), if it doesn’t match what’s inside then we need to know as quickly as possible. Please keep the label and contact Altimo Customer Care who will then look into this issue further.

I’ve lost my user manual, can I get a copy?

Yes! Instruction books can be downloaded here

Where do I plug in my scart lead?

Not all televisions accept a scart leads but some models still do. The Altimo 32LED01, 40LED01 and 32DVDLED01 do have one scart input. If your television does not accept scart you can purchase a Scart to HDMI conversion cable for around £10-£15.

Can I use my television on a 12v system?

Your television is designed to work with the standard UK power of 240v.

My product won’t fit

If you have ordered the wrong size or need to order a different model, please contact your supplier or provider who will happily sort this for you.

My product has the wrong plug

Please note that not all products are supplied with plugs, for example hobs are supplied without cable for professional installation using your own materials.


If your installation scenario requires the plug to be removed, for example to be wired into a switched fused spur outlet, this is possible and you should refer to the product instructions. For your safety and those around you, this action must be carried out by a person competent in that task. If you are unsure of this, please seek help from a trained professional.


Please not that not all products are supplied with plugs, for example hobs are supplied without cable for professional installation using your own materials.

My product has stopped working or needs a repair

Please refer to the troubleshooting section of the product manual for troubleshooting tips and contact Altimo Customer Care for further guidance if required.

My product is making sparks while it’s in use

If your product is a microwave: are you using an item comprised of foil, metal or a container with a metallic design? If so, it is the metal that is causing the sparks and it is highly likely that your microwave is working as intended. Please use a microwave compatible vessel to prepare your meal and refrain from putting the materials previously listed inside your new appliance. If the problem persists or you are not using foil, metal or a metallic design, please contact Altimo Customer Care.


If your product is not a microwave: TURN OFF the unit, isolate the power supply and contact Altimo Customer Care immediately.

My product smells of burning

If your product is a cooker, oven, or microwave oven a burning smell and some smoke is normal for the first couple of uses due to manufacturing residues being burned off when the product gets hot for the first time. Please refer to the instruction booklet for further details and open windows to get suitable ventilation while this takes place.


The initial burning of the manufacturing residues should be done soon after installation and not when you are preparing to cook a meal.


If the burning smell is not on a new product and not a result of spillage, turn off your product, isolate the power and contact Altimo Customer Care immediately.

Where is my Altimo product made?

Altimo products are made in various specialist factories in the UK, EU, Turkey and China.

Where can I find the specification of my product?

Product ratings can be found in the instruction book for your product. Instruction books can be downloaded here.