• 3 Fan Speeds - Maximum 320m3 Extraction
  • Push Button Controls
  • Non-Branded Design
Colour: Stainless Steel
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Product Overview

This is the most popular design of cooker hood and usually referred to as a chimney or pyramid hood. They look great in any kitchen but are a low priced option with high perceived value that belies the cost.

This 60cm version has three speed push-button control and a pair of bright lights to light up your cook top. The chimney section is height adjustable so you can get the look just right. It might be worth considering adding even more style to your kitchen by looking at the T-Line design or latest angled designs.

Out of the box this hood is suitable to be connected to ducting to pipe your cooking air outside although recirculating mode in easily accommodated and effective with the addition of charcoal filters, you’ll need a CF002 filters for this hood and they a supplied as a pair.

It’s worth noting that a 90cm version is available if you have the space and want to make more of a statement!

TIP: Extracting air through ducting does not require use of a charcoal filter. Optional charcoal filters are used to help remove cooking odours from the air before it is recycled back into the kitchen.


3 Fan Speeds
600mm Width
320m3 Extraction Speed
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Type: Chimney Hood
Width: 600mm
Speeds: 3 Speed
Control type: Push Button
Extraction rate: 320m3
Illumination: 2 x 3w bulb LED
Installation Height - Electric Hob: 65cm minimum
Installation Height - Gas Hob: 75cm miminum
Installation Template: Supplied
Cable termination: 13a UK plug
Cable length: 150cm
Fluid Dynamic Efficience (FDE): 8.9
Fluid Dynamic Efficience Class (FDE): E
Light Efficiency (LE): 15
Light Efficiency Class (LE): D
Grease Filtering Efficiency (GFE): 75.9
Grease Filtering Efficiency Class (GFE): C
Energy Efficiancy Class (EEI): D
Duct or Recycle Compatible: Yes
Duct: Ready from factory
Duct Outlet Diameter: 120mm round
Charcoal Filter (optional): Altimo CF003
Quantity Needed Per Change: 2 required (2 supplied)
Voltage: AC220-240v 50hz
Motor Power: 125w
Lamp Power: 2 x 3w
Total Power: 131w
Annual Energy Consumption (AEC) (kWh/a): 69.2
Minimum Air Flow in normal use (m3/h): 182
Maximum Air Flow in normal use (m3/h): 291
Sound Level at Minimum Speed (dB): 53
Sound Level at Maximum Speed (dB): 63
Power Consumption in off mode (w): 0