• Ceramic Induction Hob
  • Touch Control
  • 4 Cooking Zones
Colour: Black Glass
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Product Overview

The big feature of this hob is the induction technology. Yes it is nicely styled and easy to use but the induction is the reason to choose this hob over less costly variants.

So what is induction technology on a hob? Simply put, it is technology that makes the pan heat up instead of the hob. Under the very attractive glossy black glass are four coils, one under each cooking zone. The coil transfers the current to the pan which heats up even though it is only touching the glass. It’s very clever tech and quite safe as there’s less risk of burning yourself on the hob, which is why they use these induction technology hobs in schools and university accommodation.

It is important to note that you cannot use all saucepans with this type of hob as induction technology needs ferrous pans (magnetic metals) to work – check on the bottom of your pans to ensure it shows ‘suitable for induction’.

Aside from this clever technology the hob is sleek glossy glass to the edge (frameless), has no knobs but instead modern touch control. Easy to clean, great looking and manufactured with no Altimo branding on the fascia to make it super-easy to match in with other appliances or to modernise your kitchen.


Electric Fuel Type
590 x 55 x 520mm Size (WxHxD)
Touch Control Control Type
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Fuel Type: Electric
Total Power Consumption: 7200W
Hob Type: Ceramic Induction
Control Type: Touch Control
Hob Cooking Zones: 4
Height: 55 mm
Width: 590 mm
Depth: 520 mm
Weight (kg): 8.75
Recommended Fuse: 31.3
Hob Diameter & Power - Front Right: Induction Ø145 - 1400w (with boost to 1800w)
Hob Diameter & Power - Front Left: Induction Ø180 - 1800w (with boost to 2600w)
Hob Diameter & Power - Back Right: Induction Ø180 - 1800w (with boost to 2600w)
Hob Diameter & Power - Back Left: Induction Ø145 - 1400w (with boost to 1800w)
Voltage: 220-240v Ac/50Hz
Height - Packaged: 116 mm
Width - Packaged: 541 mm
Depth - Packaged: 640 mm
Gross Weight (kg) - Packaged: 9.4